Announcing The Pearl Jubilee

Dear Friends,

As all of you know, JNV Pathanamthitta was started in 1986. But we are the only JNV that did not have a Silver Jubilee celebration in 2011. Recently, we have started some discussions through Facebook and WhatsApp to have a 30th year (Pearl Jubilee) celebration in 2016. As a result, some of us visited our alma mater and met with the new Principal Mr. R G Nandakumar during the summer holidays. He was very interested in working with the alumni and promised his full support for NOSA activities. We discussed at length about how NOSA started, our past activities, and reasons for discontinuing the regular NOSA meetings among other things.

A survey was conducted on Facebook and had many discussions amongst ourselves to select the most convenient date for the Pearl Jubilee celebration. Based on responses to the survey and our discussions with the Principal, August of 2016 is proving to be the best month to get presence of maximum alumni. The school’s preference is the first Saturday of the month which would be 6/8/2016. We want to let all of you know and confirm this so the Principal could get the permission from the Samithi for the event and we could also start planning for it.

So please co-ordinate among your batchmates and communicate to everyone – alumni, teachers and staff – that you are in contact. We are going to have a grand jubilee meet on Saturday, 6th August 2016 at JNV Vechuchira.

We need to plan and do lot of things. Let us do them step by step. More information will be communicated on the website and through Facebook/Whatsapp groups as far as possible.

On request from Principal, we are also publishing in the website, some guidelines about our visits to school. Please try to keep them up to the extend possible.

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