Batch Representatives For The Pearl Jubilee

Dear friends,

It has been almost 2 months since the last update. In the background, a mammoth task of selecting batch representatives from all the 23 alumni batches was going on.
Let us congratulate Ciju Kurian (first batch) and Titty Ciju (second batch) for tirelessly contacting every batch and getting the task done. Thank you Ciju and Titty.

With utmost happiness, we announce the final list of batch representatives. These representatives officially forms the Organizing Committee for the PEARL JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS – 2016 and will coordinate the efforts from their respective batches.

Please remember, the official committee is only for the ease of communication. Everyone of us need to put our hands together, to make this event a success.

Batch 1 (1986): Ciju Kurian, Shiju Alex
Batch 2 (1987): Leju T Balan, Titty Ciju
Batch 3 (1988): Sreejith KS, Praseed G
Batch 4 (1989): Abhilash Kumar T, Ullas Babu
Batch 5 (1990): Robin John, Renjith A
Batch 6 (1991): Aneesh Shankar, Ratheesh T
Batch 7 (1992): Liju K Johnson, Vijay Varghese Cherian
Batch 8 (1993): Vibhish N. L, Thomas Mathew
Batch 9 (1994): Sujesh M. S, Ayyappan Balakrishnan
Batch 10 (1995): Jijin Rajan, Rijo Roy
Batch 11 (1996): Akhila Sanjay, Faizal Sherif
Batch 12 (1997): Aby. J. Mathew, Vijesh Vijay
Batch 13 (1998): Sujin Suresh, Murukan S
Batch 14 (1999): Jai Vishnu V, Yedhu Krishnan
Batch 15 (2000): Sreesh R Nair, Shaiby P Baby
Batch 16 (2001): Rahul P. R, Aravind N
Batch 17 (2002): Subin Johnson, Vishnu S
Batch 18 (2003): Anoop Mohan, Hari Krishna
Batch 19 (2004): Nirmal Tom Johns, Prince George
Batch 20 (2005): Nidhin John Varughese, Prashant T T
Batch 21 (2006): Aashish Reji, Arya R
Batch 22 (2007): Bibin John Babujee, Siju Chacko
Batch 23 (2008): Rohit M. Patil, Anas P S

  • Email and Whatsapp groups with the organizing committee members will be formed soon to facilitate further discussions
  • Please send across your valuable suggestions, througth your batch representatives
  • Let’s come together to Make OUR DAY the most Memorable One!

PS: The Pearl Jubilee Event Logo is cooking up; will be published soon…

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