Guidelines on Alumni Visit to School

Dear Friends,

During our previous meeting with the Principal, he has raised some very genuine concerns about alumni visits to school. These were very genuine concerns as some of the previous incidents had caused some disruptions at the school.

While we love our school and cherish every visit back, let us pay attention to make sure we truly represent the spirit of JNV and the dignity of NOSA/alumni. Take care when we visit as individuals or groups.

  1. Get permission from the Principal before making group visits to the school.
  2. Let us keep good code of conduct befitting the older brothers and sisters that current students could look up to – we should be true role models for them.
  3. Alumni visiting the school individually or as group should not disturb the day-today operations of the school. For e.g. let’s just not walk into the classrooms to meet our favourite teachers and take photographs or enter the dormitory without permission from the housemaster.
  4. If there are any specific instructions given by the Principal or staff before or during the visits, please stick to them.
  5. Try to meet the principal and at least few teachers when we visit. And keep in mind that their regular job is not to entertain our visits. The current students should be more important than the alumni.
  6. The school cannot host alumni meet for individual batches. Only NOSA office bearers should contact the school regarding alumni event/meeting.

Only a few things from the above were mentioned by the Principal. But the rest of them also seem to make sense.

Again, let’s be true Navodayans.

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