Announcing the Pearl Jubilee Logo

Dear Friends,

With immense pride & pleasure we launch the Pearl Jubilee 2016 Event Logo…

journey-home-mal journey-home-eng

A Task Well Done !

Congratulations…. to Mr. Anoop Sivan (Batch 8) for accomplishing this  task so well and making all of us feel “Oneness” once again. Your dedication and hard work is highly appreciated and the fruit of it is undoubtedly Sweet. Also we take this opportunity to thank Sreejith Chandran, Sreejith KS, Shiju Alex, Sreejith TR,Titty Ciju & Sujesh MS for their inputs in the logo creation.

Logo Rationale

Odyssey – A journey home

Celebrating 30 Years of the Navodayan Family

Logo Name & Symbol

The logo name “Odyssey” in English and “തിരികെ” in Malayalam was chosen, keeping with the nostalgic theme of fondly remembering and celebrating the bygone school days at Navodaya. The logo’s defining characteristic is the usage of logo symbols that represent Navodaya’s ever-blooming alumni, who have made their mark in various walks of life. It also reinforces camaraderie of the Navodaya community and truly captures the essence of this reunion.

The swirls extending from the sides of Odyssey, represents the light of love of our mentors and all those who have contributed to our success and continue to illuminate our paths in life.


The slogan “A journey home” conveys the spirit of reunion, sharing of memories and togetherness. Moreover, it charts a new journey to where it all started. It’s a call with a deep yearning to return back to our roots.


The choice of colours adds to the distinct meaning of the logo. Blue, the colour of sea & sky, denotes depth and stability. Red is associated with courage & love. Yellow is colour of joy, happiness, intellect and energy.



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